New Porsche Boxster Spyder for 2010


The Boxster has been made cool again

When it comes to the Porsche Boxter, there has always been confusion about who would buy it. It seemed if you had quite a bit of money then you would invest in the heritage and image of a 911, leaving the Boxster branded as the ‘poor man’s’ Carerra.

That’s fine if you are a stuffy, beard-bearing toff who can afford to have such views, but the truth is the Boxster stands as a hero. It offers exquisite driving pleasure to those who should have tried harder at school and that should be celebrated.

It’s still not cheap at around £35,000 new, yet second hand these cars give normal people a chance to own and enjoy real engineering prowess that wont break the bank, or their marital vows.

Exciting it is then that today Porsche have revealed the new Boxster Spyder, billing it as the lightest mid-engine Boxster yet. Before, the thought of driving a Boxster and seeing a 911 at the lights didn’t bear thinking about. People started sticking car-rental logos on the back and loudly but sheepishly saying  “I know, look what I got stuck with…again!”, to the faces of a 911 owners hidden behind up-turned noses.

Not anymore though, because with this latest model and indeed the latest Boxster in general, there is no reason for embarrassment. Weighing in at just 1,275kg and producing 320hp from its 3.4 litre straight six engine, the Boxster is offically lighter and faster than any Boxster before it and John Prescott.

Leaving all the facts and figures to one side though, to look at the Spyder is a wonderful thing. One can forgive Porsche for their reserved nature when it comes to design; often it is the little tweeks they make and subtle curves and bumps they craft which prove so successful.

It is expected that the Boxster Sypder will cost around 63,400 Euros to buy and for the money you get a lot of car. It will be debuted at the Los Angeles Motor Show in December with sales starting worldwide in February 2010. When these hit the second hand market in a few years time it will mean bargain performance motoring all over again.


~ by Rory White on November 5, 2009.

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