Barabus TKR May Overtake the Bugatti Veyron


Its V8 produces a trouser-wetting 1800hp

When a new car makes its way into the public arena, there are usually a few areas which must immediately be addressed. Firstly, who produced it. If Daewoo came up with it, we can safely assume it won’t be a bad car…think of it as a really good bicycle. However if Bentley took the time to design it, we can rest assured a man dressed in white overalls spent day and night polishing the hand crafted motor, only pausing to removing sections of his own skin upon running out of Chamois leather.

That decided, we need to know the facts and figures. How fast from 0 to 60 mph? Top speed? Gadgets and toys? What helpless animal is the seat covered in? No car has made such an impact with these figures since the Bugatti Veyron. While other carmakers were deciding what radiator to install and which top speed to cut the engine at, Bugatti just put ten radiators in, strapped in four turbo chargers and let it reach 253 mph. No other car had been sold at such a loss purely for the advancement of automotive capability.

But it seems the lunacy of producing 1010hp from an 8.0 litre W16 engine – if that is what it can be called, I prefer ‘biblical combustion chamber’ – is not enough. A man called Tony Keating from Britain hopes his new car named the Barabus ‘TKR’ will surpass the 253 mph top speed of the Bugatti, carrying on all the way past 300. They already clocked 260.1 mph on the Bonneville Salt flats in October, hoping in September 2010 to reach the target under the eyes of the Guinness Book of Records.

The current car has already seen four sales, one in the UK, one in America and one in Australia. The revised machine is powered by a 7.0 litre bi-turbo V8 producing a casual 1800hp, so much power in fact that the first 260.1 mph effort from the current car caused the driver to be physically sick.

Suddenly the pursuit of ultimate speed and power doesn’t sound so appealing. Personally, popping down to the shops with chunks of last-night’s roast spattered on my jumper isn’t worth having the fastest car money can buy – that money amounts to £250,000 by the way. The car is currently on show at the MPH car show in London giving people a chance to see what could be the world’s new fastest production car. If you look closely enough inside, you can still see Bonneville salt mixed with diced carrot.


~ by Rory White on November 8, 2009.

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